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Please read the Wedding & Event Information page before you submit your request. There’s some important information that may answer any questions.

Request a Reservation
To place a reservation for your cut flower dahlias, please e-mail the information needed below to

Contact name:

Contact phone:

Contact e-mail:

Bride/Groom name (if different than the contact name):

Florist name (if applicable):

Who will be picking the order? Please choose one of the following…

Prices vary from U-pick to HDF pick. See Wedding & Event Information for details.

HDF – We’ll pick your order for you
U-pick – I will pick my own order
Not sure yet
Wedding/Event Date:

Requested Picking/Pick Up Date:

Picking days: Monday-Thursday

Pick-up days: Monday-Friday (pick-up time on Friday is only 8-10 am)

You will want to pick/pick up your dahlias the day before your event, unless you have access to a florist cooler to store them in.

If you’re using a florist, you can bring your dahlias to a florist as early as the Tuesday or Wednesday before weekend weddings/events. Dahlias hold up well in a florist cooler.

Requested Picking/Pick up Time:

Picking time is Monday-Thursday, 8-3

Pick up time is Monday-Thursday, 8-3 and Friday, 8-10 am

All ‘HDF pick’ orders to be picked up Friday morning will be cut on Thursday and held in our cooler overnight. Also, please allow us time to pick any large ‘HDF pick’ orders. If you request an early morning pick up times for large orders, we may have to cut your order the day before and we’ll hold the order in our cooler overnight.

(We don’t have U-pick times available on Fridays because we have a large crew picking for farmers’ markets on Fridays.)

Dahlia Order:

Please estimate how many of each size/color you need.

Bloom sizes are small (2-4 inches across), medium (4-8 in), and large (8-12 inches).

Please try to order by size & color. Requests for specific sizes/colors or varieties will be taken based on availability.

All varieties come in only one size (for example, Ben Huston is only a large bloom).

Please read the important information on the Wedding & Event Information page before placing your order!

Requests for reservations will be taken in the order in which they were recieved. We will check availability and respond to you as quickly as possible.